quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

reinos femininos da imaginação

You know, whenever women make imaginary female kingdoms in literature, they are always very permissive, to use the jargon word, and easy and generous and self-indulgent, like the relationships between women when there are no men around. They make each other presents, and they have little feasts, and nobody punishes anyone else. This is the female way of going along when there are no men about or when men are not in the ascendant.

Doris Lessing, "New York Times Book Review", p. 24, New York Times (March 30, 1980).

uhmmm, pois... E ela própria em The Cleft / A Fenda também não fugiu a esta regra. Antes do nascimento do primero "monstro" supostamente haveria harmonia. Será?...

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